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Home Security Checklist

Before going through the checklist to see what items you need to address, you may want to ask yourself a few questions.  What do you expect from your home security plan?  What is my home security budget?  Think about what you want to get out of a plan as well as your feelings and misgivings about your current plan.  By doing a little thinking upfront, you could save yourself a great deal of time implementing a new plan.

Once you have decided that you need a new plan, take a look at the home security checklist below and see what areas you need to work on and what areas satisfy your needs. 

This checklist is also great when you decide that you are going to consult with a security professional to help build your home security system and plan.  You can develop questions and be prepared to have a productive consultation by looking your property over before you hire someone from a home security company.

Doors and Windows

Check for a secure door design/construction - outside doors should not be hollow

Strike plate installed properly 

Door hinges installed properly and secure 

Is there a window in the door?  Does the glass need upgrading?

Deadbolt security - check for proper installation.  Is your deadbolt safe enough?


Check for holes and proper construction.  Is your fence for keeping things in or keeping things out?

Security Devices 

Check for the following devices and ask yourself these questions - Do I need it?  If yes, how many do I need and why?





Panic buttons

Glass break sensors

Motion detectors - inside and outside

Door and window contact switches


Do you have appropriate signs on your property?  For example, if you have dogs, you may want a sign on the perimeter of the property warning people of the dogs' presence.  You may also want a sign saying that your house is monitored 24 hours a day or something similar.

Lighting Indoor and Outdoor

Outdoor lighting - are all areas near the home well lit?  If the lights aren't on all the time, are they set on a timer? 

Indoor lighting - when you are away you may want to have a few lights on timers placed around the home.  Keep in mind that you should vary the timing of the lights so that they don't come on at the exact same time daily.  Most burglars will know what schedules lights are on so try to mix it  up.

Emergency Plan 

Whether you are a small family or big business you need to have an emergency plan in place. 

Where will you meet in event of an emergency?

Contact person not within the group?

Food/medical supplies for at least 3 days?

The Department of Homeland Security has a great Family Emergency plan you may want use.  http://www.ready.gov/america/_downloads/familyemergencyplan.pdf


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